Tick Control Yard Protection

Adaptive® Tick Control for a protected yard your whole family can enjoy.

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The Tick Defender Difference

Adaptive® Tick Control Programs

Tick Defender™ is different from all other lawn and pest companies. Our Adaptive® Programs anticipate and take action based upon changes in everything from the environment and weather to plant and insect life cycles.

Tick Control

Adaptive® Tick Control

Our Yard Protection Service helps to protect your family and pets from both ticks and fleas in your yard. Focusing on Tick Prevention and Control.


TriOrganics® Means Options

Tick Defender is a TriOrganics® Service, which means you have customized Organic, Hybrid, and Traditional service options to choose from.

Center for disease control

US - Centers for Disease Control

"Deer ticks are extremely dangerous because they carry and spread bacteria that cause Lyme disease which can affect your skin, joints, nervouse system and heart. Reported cases are on the rise..." - CDC.gov